Santa’s Insurance Coverage



From all of us, we hope you and yours have a safe, happy, and blessed holiday season!

In the spirit of the season, we thought it’d be fun to pull together the insurance Santa would need as he prepares for his December adventure. From his workshop to his sleigh, there’s no shortage of risks for the jolly old man in the red suit.

Suggested Coverage
Property insurance: That workshop? It’s massive. Santa should consider a property policy that would cover his building, its contents, and his equipment if damaged or destroyed.
Special vehicle insurance: That sleigh is going to need some hefty coverage. Some insurers ran the numbers and estimated it would cost a whopping $6.4 billion! Others estimated his sleigh would be roughly 74 miles long to carry gifts to the world’s 1.9 billion children. Here’s a view of the full sleigh.

Workman's’ compensation: Accidents happen—even in the North Pole. Santa would be wise to bolster his policy, provide extensive training to his helpers, and freely hand out all sorts of protective gear, equipment, and of course, candy canes!
Cybersecurity insurance: With those extensive lists of names (naughty and nice!), addresses, and delivery routes, Santa is a prime target for hackers. Ironclad cybersecurity insurance is a no-brainer for Father Christmas.
An Umbrella insurance Policy: While Santa is tip-toeing around in the dark at all those homes you never know what pretty decoration he may knock over and break after eating the cookies. .

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