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An End Of 2021 Check-In
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Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the last few days of the holiday season!

Here at the end of one year and the start of another, we thought we’d pop in, say hello, and share a few things we’re thinking about as the calendar flips to a new year. 

But first, because we can never say it enough, thank you again for choosing CLOSE Insurance Agency as your independent agency for all your insurance needs. Our mission is to provide you with small-town service with big-time savings every day of the year. Should you have suggestions or thoughts on how we can do that better, we’d love to hear from you.

A quick peek at what’s coming up: feel-good stories to finish out the year, tips to get you ready for tax season, and fun facts that hit close to home. 

Feel Good Stories from 2021

2021 gave us a lot—a lot to cringe over, but also a lot to smile about. As we head into 2022, I thought revisiting a few feel-good stories from the year was in order. Here are three of my favorites: 

The Clarksburg State Forest fire, the largest in Massachusetts in over two decades, burned close to 800 acres in mid-May. This story about a fawn rescued by a firefighter was a brief spot of good news amid the destruction.
Whether you love cats or…well, don’t, you’ve got to see (or revisit) what happened at a Miami Hurricanes game in September 2021. Even if you’ve seen it already, it’s worth another watch.
Hot off the press! Just this month, teens in Bradford, Rhode Island, built a bus stop shelter for a 5-year-old boy who uses a wheelchair to protect him from bad weather while he waits for the school bus each day. (I’m not crying. You’re crying.)
Can’t get enough of these kinds of stories? Check out The Uplift from CBS to read more. It’ll do your heart good!

Tax Season Up Ahead: 3 Tips to Get You Ready

January is National Financial Wellness Month—and the perfect time to make 2022 a year of financial health. One way to begin is by preparing now for tax season. Do so easily with these three tips:

Gather your documents. Start gathering everything in one place and add to it as documents roll into your inbox and mailbox in the coming weeks:
Proof of identity for you and your family members
Income statements such as W-2s and MISC-1099s
Tax forms that report other types of income (1099-DIV, 1099-G, SSA-1099, etc.)
Tax forms that report other types of income, such as Schedule K-1 for trusts, partnerships, and S corporations
Social Security documents
Tax deduction records (Form 1098 Mortgage Interest, 1098-C, 1098-E, 1098-T, etc.)
Expense receipts (Medical bills, charitable contributions, IRA contributions, etc.)
If you’re self-employed: Business expenses and receipts, Form K-1, and mileage logs.
Look back to last year’s taxes: If you have a copy of last year’s tax return, plan to share that as well. It’ll help speed up this year’s filing and give your tax preparer the chance to compare the two years.
Schedule a meeting: Of course with a professional tax preparer, but also with our team. Now is a great time to look over your portfolio to identify gaps, address any life changes, search for discounts, and make adjustments for 2022.  Remember, we have your 2022 Puppy and Kittens calendars in the office for pick-up too.
Hope this guidance is helpful for you. Tax Day will be here before we know it!

Fun Facts About The Places We Call Home

Fort Frederick, built in 1756, saw service in the French and Indian War,  American Revolution, and the Civil War.  One Fort for Three Wars. (Insurance is not needed for that building)
The first hot air balloon in the U.S. to carry a passenger launched from Baltimore on June 23, 1784. Tavern-keeper and lawyer Peter Carnes built the balloon based on French designs and sold tickets to the first launch.
Grafton, West Virginia, was the venue for the world’s first Mother’s Day celebrations. Moms everywhere say “Thanks!”

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